The Elms Hotel – Customer Experience Review

Anyone who is lucky enough to have a family with three or more children will be able to empathise with the age old problem of booking hotel accommodation. As the average family size in the UK has continued to rise (1 in 7 families with children in the UK have three or more children), the [...]

I hate that roundabout! – How a road junction can act as an analogy for a bad customer experience

  Hangar Lane Gyratory System We all have road junctions that we hate driving in, around, or through. If you are reading this from the UK and have ever had the joy of driving around Hangar Lane in West London, you will know what I mean. An enormous multi-lane roundabout (with a Tube [...]

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I just want to charge my phone!! Innovation is critical in continually improving the customer experience

There are many occasions when I am at risk of sounding like a stuck record. Akin to a 'grumpy old man', poor Mrs Golding has to constantly endure my expressions of dissatisfaction whenever I experience something that I perceive to be unacceptable to us and others as customers. It is in my opinion an occupational hazard [...]

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