‘Without customers you would not exist’ – an open letter to all CEOs on behalf of customers everywhere

  Dear Chief Executive Officers (of all companies in all industries everywhere) I am writing this letter on behalf of your customers - consumers; businesses; young; old; male; female. For centuries, people have purchased goods and services from those able to provide things that are needed. From food to clothes to technology to construction to [...]

By |2015-04-13T13:17:53+01:00August 1st, 2014|Customer retention and loyalty|2 Comments

CEO – Chief Executive Officer or Chief Experience Officer?

I am asked many questions about customer experience on a weekly basis. Some questions are delivered face to face, others are in the virtual world. Whilst most questions are different, one or two sit in the box of 'most frequently asked'. One question that is firmly in this box is: Who in an organisation should [...]

By |2015-04-13T13:23:13+01:00March 3rd, 2014|Customer Journeys, CX Strategy, People|0 Comments
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