Customer Experience – It’s pre-determined by culture!

It is the 15th August 2013. We are slap bang in the middle of holiday (vacation) season! Friends, family, colleagues and associates are travelling by train, planes, boats and buses to destinations near and far. Some will stay within easy reach of home, others  will embark on exotic journeys half way around the world. I myself am [...]

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STRATEGY – MEASUREMENT – PEOPLE: a simple framework for managing customer experience

Understanding, managing and improving the customer experience is a skill set that has led to the formation of a new profession. The proliferation of customer experience professionals has led to the creation and adoption of a variety of methods, techniques and approaches to putting the customer at the heart of the organisation. Many 'customer experience [...]

I own a Bearded Dragon too! How well do your staff know their customers?

I am very fortunate to attend many conferences in the UK and around the world on all sorts of subjects. Obviously, I prefer to attend conferences where there is some interest in customer experience - there would not be much point in me going to a gynaecology summit now would there! As well as seeing [...]

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You cannot be serious! – Why CX professionals must never give up

What do the phrases 'you cannot be serious!'; 'pushing water uphill'; and 'banging my head against a brick wall' have in common? They are all phrases very likely to have been uttered by every CX professional ......on more than one occasion. The famous tennis player, John McEnroe, would often allow his passion for his trade [...]

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Attitude, Passion and Pride – do your people have it?

On Friday, my family and I went on a short trip to London (I know the picture is of Chester Train station - bear with the blog and you will understand why!). An overnight stay arranged at the last minute. Now those of you with families might agree, sorting out the logistics at the last [...]

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