Opinion or Reality? Does Customer Experience really make a difference?

I am unlikely to be the first person to write an article focusing on whether or not the Customer Experience really makes a difference. I am also unlikely to be the last. On a weekly basis, Customer Experience Professionals all over the world are being challenged to demonstrate the 'tangible' value focusing on the Customer [...]

‘If we close our eyes, they may go away!’ How bad must things get for a company to listen to its customers?

I have often wondered how bad things need to be for organisations to recognise that they have a problem. Hopefully it is not at the point that there is a loud knock on the door with a large van outside waiting to remove valuables from head office! In a world where most large companies profess to [...]

By |2015-04-13T13:27:14+01:00September 19th, 2013|Customer retention and loyalty, CX Strategy|2 Comments
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