Heroes or Villains? Customer Experience Spotlight on the Telecoms Industry

Allow me to start this post by asking a question. Do you 'like' your Telecoms provider? It is a very simple question - it contains only 6 words - yet I believe it is a question that opens a large can of worms. Let me ask another question. Have you ever recommended your Telecoms provider [...]

Customers; Colleagues; Shareholders. Which one should your business put first?

At first glance, the title of this blog post may seem like a simple question. In fact, the order of the three key 'stakeholders' responsible for delivering customer experiences naturally exploded from the keyboard in the order that you see them. Does that mean that 'Customer 1st' is the right answer? If it is, this [...]

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Outsourcing your contact centre CAN improve customer experience – a perspective from the inside

Last week I wrote a blog post about O2's decision to outsource its contact centres to Capita - https://ijgolding.com/2013/06/06/i-have-an-idea-lets-outsource-customer-services-could-the-quest-for-cost-savings-damage-the-customer-experience/ . The response to the article has been huge - and may I say almost entirely positive (at least the people who have commented or spoken to me about it have been positive!). As I expected, [...]

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‘I have an idea – lets outsource customer services’ – Could the quest for cost savings damage the customer experience?

Disclaimer!! Let me start this blog post by acknowledging that the subject is going to be controversial. There will be readers on both sides of the debate - that is healthy, and I hope you will get involved. In May, O2 announced their intention to outsource their contact centre operation to Capita. The main reason [...]

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