‘Brilliant Basics or Magic Moments?’ What should you be focussing on?

'What does my business need to do better?' A pretty simple question that many business owners, shareholders, boards of directors, senior managers and employees all over the world will ask, or be asked on a regular basis. Although the question is simple, the answer is often not. A number of methods, tools, techniques and strategies [...]

Are Barclays looking for the ‘right’ CX professional?

I recently received an automated LinkedIn email advertising a new role at Barclays - Customer Experience Design Director http://www.linkedin.com/jobs?viewJob=&jobId=3159960&trk=fjr_results&goback=%2Ejob . On receiving and then reading the job description, three thoughts crossed my mind: 1. It is both encouraging and exciting to see that an organisation the size of Barclays has recognised the importance of Customer Experience and the [...]

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