A Customer Experience Consultancy, founded in 2012, guiding, mentoring and consulting with organisations and customer experience practitioners in over 35 countries worldwide



Specialists in ‘operationalising the customer experience’, we manage customer experience programmes; developing training solutions and creating employee engagement



The companies we work with range from banking and financial services through to education, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, supply chain services and many more


Client Testimonials

“A truly talented CX thought leader who is able to turn CX complexity into CX practicality.  Always a pleasure working with Ian over the past 3 years and I look forward to our future engagements.”

Brian Atkinson - Leader, Collaboration and Customer Experience, Cisco UK & Ireland

Customer What?

Customer What? The honest and practical guide to customer experience

Now, more than ever, should be a wonderful time to be a customer.  I have observed, and been part of, a tidal wave of focus on customer experience, as businesses have increasingly recognised that doing the right thing by their customers, and actively managing the experience, might make sense.

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Ian’s Latest Articles

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We are all customers. We buy products and services. We buy brands. When it comes to our own organizations, however, we disconnect our consumer self with our business self. “Out in the wild” we know [...]

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn – a review of the 2018 UK Customer Experience Awards

I have often written about the fact I feel truly blessed to be able to practice my vocation on a daily basis. I am afforded the opportunity to see and experience so many different things, [...]

Is your organisation interconnected? The employee – customer chain

I am extremely fortunate to be afforded the opportunity to share my knowledge and passion all over the world. This year, the number of countries I have worked in over the last 6 years will [...]

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