Outsourcing: where did I go wrong? – by Tim Sunley

Do you remember the word “mankind”? personally I am a supporter of using the gender neutral “humankind” and can see how, regardless of my underlying motivation, using a different word can have a significant impact on the reader. Let’s be clear though, a word change doesn’t automatically result in a change of heart/attitude/ language. But [...]

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Dare to be Different – The ‘Dignity in Diversity’ of Customer Experience

People often ask me where the inspiration for my blog posts comes from. Whilst there is no single answer to this question, I will say that the best blogs are usually those that are unplanned. In other words, I am regularly inspired by the things I see and hear - my posts will almost always [...]

Loyalty Schemes: do they really work?

As we near the peak of the festive season, there are a number of annual rituals that I look forward to undertaking. Once presents have been opened and copious amounts of food and drink consumed, I settle in to the relative calm of the five days that separate Christmas and New Year. I have often [...]

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Who will be the next ‘United Breaks Guitars’? Don’t let it be you!

In 2008, Dave Carroll's guitar was broken by United Airlines. Unbeknown to United at the time, Dave Carroll is a Canadian musician and a member of the band 'Sons of Maxwell'. As a result of the lack of desire demonstrated by United to deal with the issue, Dave felt that his only option was to [...]

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Guest Post: 5 Customer Service Tactics to Increase Sales You Didn’t Know

I am delighted to introduce another new guest blogger to you this week. Naomi Shaw is a stay-at-home mom from Southern California. After being a stay-at-home mom for seven years she works full-time as a freelance writer. She enjoys blogging about mommy tips and DIY crafts providing insight, advice and more! Naomi and I very much hope you [...]

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Customers; Colleagues; Shareholders. Which one should your business put first?

At first glance, the title of this blog post may seem like a simple question. In fact, the order of the three key 'stakeholders' responsible for delivering customer experiences naturally exploded from the keyboard in the order that you see them. Does that mean that 'Customer 1st' is the right answer? If it is, this [...]

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London Underground – the case study for business transformation

If you live or have been in London for the last two days, it will not have escaped your notice that something unusual is happening. Two trade unions who represent some London Underground staff have sparked a 48 hour strike in response to their disagreement with London Underground management over planned ticket office closures and [...]

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What are we in service to? Do you take action when you are ‘told’ to do something or when you ‘feel’ moved to do it?

Sometimes we are fortunate to meet people that we really connect with. We meet people who do not just interest and inspire us, but make us feel completely comfortable and at ease. In my experience, meeting people like this is not common, but when it happens - you will know - you will feel it. I [...]

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Are you a Leader of a Follower? Why customer experience needs good, strong leadership

Over the weekend, I was told a lovely story that has inspired this blog post. The story was of a young lady who was applying to attend a college at Oxford University. A key part of the process was to complete an application form. One of the questions on the application form asked prospective students [...]

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