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I am delighted to introduce another new guest blogger to you this week. Naomi Shaw is a stay-at-home mom from Southern California. After being a stay-at-home mom for seven years she works full-time as a freelance writer. She enjoys blogging about mommy tips and DIY crafts providing insight, advice and more! Naomi and I very much hope you enjoy reading her article:

Do you want to attract every type of customer? Think again. Do you want to be seen as an honest business? Avoid transparency. Increase sales by using these 5 smart customer service tactics that veer far away from standard expectations:

1. Loss and Gain

  • Derek Halpern, founder of Social Triggers, a top marketing psychology blog, says to explain to a potential customer what they can gain or lose if they choose to use your services or not. For example, say you’re trying to convince a client to use your company’s marketing tactics to boost sales on their website. If you convey to them what they won’t gain without your skills, they’ll see that not using your expertise is a form of loss or missing out.
    • Human beings place more value on a dollar they already own vs. a dollar they can possibly gain.
    • People respond better to the concept of missing out on a potentially rewarding decision than to hearing what they’ll gain.
    • Tell your potential clients about both concepts: what they’ll gain and what they’ll lose if they choose another direction.

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2. Break It Down

Giving each of your employees a customer service section to excel in, like educating or informing your customers versus damage control, will guarantee higher customer satisfaction and therefore higher sales. For example, a customer who feels like it’s your sole priority to satisfy their needs will be much happier than one who feels like they’re simply a distraction from your other duties at the company.

3. Keep It Mysterious

Some companies think that their transparency will bolster an honest reputation and therefore attract more customers. This may be true sometimes, however, a little mystery can go a long way, especially if your company starts doing really well. Take Apple, a very secretive company, into consideration. There are thousands of sites dedicated to speculating about how they make their products. What does this do? It directs more attention towards Apple. More attention equals more customers.

  • Keep your sales tactics and how your business works to yourself. If you’re doing well, customers, and even haters, may start openly speculating about how your company is growing.
  • This will generate attention on it’s own and direct more potential customers towards your website or physical location.

4. Happy Customers = Good Referrals

Employees treat every interaction with a customer as an opportunity to ask for a referral, chances are the interaction will be way above par. If a customer seems especially satisfied with your services, asking for a referral can be as simple as asking them to write a Yelp review or fill out a customer testimonial that you can later post on your site. It is the little things that can make the most impact, like using your manners, seeing what other companies do and take it one step further.

For example, a house painting company might come and paint your house and do a great job and be done. But a paint company that goes above that will clean up all the debris and check and make sure everything is put back and cleaner than it was before they started. This extra ten minutes of clean up will make it easier to ask for a referral.

  • Every time you’re on the phone with a customer, every time you meet or email or interact with them in some way or, pretend as if you’re going to ask for a referral at the end.
  • No matter how large or small your company may be, every customer should be seen as enormously valuable.
  • Build an army of advocates to speak positively of you and your business. Consider that one good referral can bring in at least three potential clients.

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5. You Can’t Please Everyone

Similar to developing a good experience so you can ask for a referral, if you cater to the right clientele, they can become your most enthusiastic fans. For example, trying to please everyone means your company’s mission will likely have less backbone. Strive to stick to your guns and the customers who believe in you will stand by you.

  • Businesses that try to please everyone are less successful than those that aim for a specific customer.
  • Halpern discourages diluting your message or toning down the uniqueness of your services in a useless attempt to cater to everybody.
  • Pay attention to your best and loyal customers and they’ll likely boast about your business to friends, family, and acquaintances.

Implement these 5 tactics into your customer service operation and you’ll be sure to witness an immediate, positive response from individuals and an increase in sales down the line.

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