Customer What?

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Customer What? The honest and practical guide to customer experience

Now, more than ever, should be a wonderful time to be a customer.  I have observed, and been part of, a tidal wave of focus on customer experience, as businesses have increasingly recognised that doing the right thing by their customers, and actively managing the experience, might make sense.

But despite this focus, customers continue to be on the receiving end of inconsistent, uninspiring, and often sub-standard experiences. Why?  Because customer experience is not a quick fix, and most organisations fail to create a sustainable framework.

Part practice handbook, part novel, part therapy, Customer what? is a practical guide to creating, and sustaining, the focus on customer experience to create value in the long term.

This book is divided into four sections – each contains an overview of what needs doing; a set of practical activities and approaches to help you do it; and a story or two to illuminate your path.

  • The fundamentals – essentials for success.
  • Culture – connecting people to the strategy, and creating the right conditions for action.
  • Making it happen – tools and tactics for delivering the strategy.
  • Sustaining – continuously advocating for change.

What people are saying

“The joy of Ian’s approach is the simplicity of what he teaches; you don’t need a degree in business, economics, or statistics.”

Christina Dolding
Old Mutual Wealth

“Whether you laugh, cry, or groan the stories within this book will elicit some kind of reaction. Ian Golding, with a long list of c’s and x’s after his name, is not just a wonderful advocate of the customer and how to make the customer happy in business, he is also a good story teller.”

Neil Skehel
Customer Experience Magazine

“Passionate, personal and practical. Leaders of all levels will love seeing the clearly outlined approach for what they need to do to transform their organizations.”

Diane Magers
Customer Experience Professionals Association

“It’s difficult to read the book without wanting to implement change after every page/chapter.”

Craig Reid