Are you a Leader of a Follower? Why customer experience needs good, strong leadership

Over the weekend, I was told a lovely story that has inspired this blog post. The story was of a young lady who was applying to attend a college at Oxford University. A key part of the process was to complete an application form. One of the questions on the application form asked prospective students [...]

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Park Slope Food Co-Op – Is the best customer experience one you create yourself?

Have you ever been in a situation as a customer where you have thought you would/could do a better job yourself? Have you stood at a checkout in a supermarket and felt the urge to jump over the conveyor belt and start scanning the things you want to buy? Have you ever re-stacked items on [...]

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‘Could you care less?’ Why ‘caring’ is essential if you want to deliver great customer experiences

This is a tale that readers of my blog are likely to empathise with. It is a tale of large organisations who purport to talk of delivering 'world class' customer service, and continuously improving customer experiences. It is a tale which shows that however hard they convince themselves that they are 'customer focussed', they still [...]

What has customer service got to do with me or my firm? Are the ‘professions’ professional enough?

I am often asked where my passion for 'the customer' came from. Where did the motivation to focus my career on helping organisations deliver better customer experiences originate? Well like it or not, we are all the product of our parents. Most of the time that is a wonderful thing - some of the time [...]

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Customer experience is for life, not just for Christmas!

  It may have escaped your notice, but it appears as though Christmas is coming. The eagle-eyed among us will have noticed Christmas displays being erected as early as August in some retail locations, but it is not until November that the commercial Christmas bandwagon really get's rolling. By the time we reach the first [...]

Recommend? Tweet? Do customers really do it?

Have you ever been asked the Net Promoter Score (NPS) question? Do you even know what Net Promoter Score is? Despite the fact that the NPS method has been around for ten years, there are many who have no idea what it is. This is an extract from the 'font of all knowledge' - Wikipedia explaining [...]

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What irritates customers most? The top five irritations revealed!

A few weeks ago, I decided to conduct some independent research. I wanted to know what was really important to us as customers of organisations, and was very excited to produce a blog post revealing the 'top five' things we want earlier this month - The research asked 4 further questions: What irritates you most as [...]

What do customers really want? The top five most important things revealed

A few weeks ago, I decided to conduct some independent research. I have always been intrigued to know exactly what is most important to us as consumers, and up until now have used my professional experience, personal experiences and gut feel to assess what I thought to be the most important things. Thanks to friends, contacts and [...]

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