Making Customer Experience Fun! The Budapest Bank CX Crossword Puzzle

Before you start reading this post, I must make it clear that whilst the centrepiece of it is about a game, the real story is much, much more than that. This is a post about customer experience (CX) transformation - about the incredible work being done by a bank in Eastern Europe in their quest [...]

Is your ego making customers switch off? Guest post by Nigel Owen

Picture a room full of strangers at a party you’ve just arrived at, as you walk in there’s one voice you can hear above the rest, bragging about how they have the biggest house, the fastest car, the best job. Are you going to want to talk to that person? No – who wants to [...]

Communication & collaboration: essential ingredients for all great Customer Experiences

On Monday this week I had the absolute pleasure of spending a couple of hours talking about the subject I like best - you guessed it - Customer Experience. I have to admit that I do not need an excuse to talk about my passion, so when my good friend and respected Customer Experience Specialist, [...]

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