The bursting of the Tesco bubble. When it comes to Customer Experience, bigger does not necessarily mean better!

I first wrote a blog post about Tesco two years ago. Entitled 'Tesco: Hero or Villain – You Decide', I made the case for Tesco being a hero - achieving huge financial success due to its ability to do everything the consumer wanted it to do. I wrote: Being blunt, Tesco have done what every retailer [...]

Do you love Aldi? What other brands could learn from the Aldi experience

Let me get one thing straight - I do not love Aldi. However, just to confuse you, I can also say that I do not dislike Aldi either. One thing is for sure - millions of UK consumers do love Aldi, including Mrs Golding! In September 2013, Aldi reported a rise in annual revenue of 41% (bringing [...]

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Trust – the embodiment of customer experience

Trust – a small word that means so much. It is a word that plays an enormous part in all our lives. A word that epitomises our start in life – from the minute we enter in to the world, we immediately have complete trust in the people who care for us. As we grow [...]

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I’ll have free Wi-Fi with my Big Mac please! Are you giving customers a reason to keep coming back?

McDonald's are unlikely to be the only organisation that offers 'something for nothing' to all of its customers. However, McDonald's are in my opinion the only organisation to be able to offer 'something for nothing' to so many people in so many places. In the UK alone, there are now approximately 1,200 McDonald's restaurants - [...]

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Ryanair: the most consistent CX on the planet?

One of life's inevitabilities as a CX professional is that the subject of Ryanair will always come up in conversation at some point before, during or after a dinner party. For those of you who do not know them (and that will not be many of you), Ryanair is an Irish low-cost airline. Ryanair is [...]

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