How to Embed a Customer Experience Framework 

In my exclusive column for CustomerThink in October 2016, I shared my ‘top tips’ for creating the right culture to enable an organisation to become genuinely customer centric. Whilst the list of seven things is by no means exhaustive, in my experience, together they provide a remarkably solid foundation to embedding the right environment and [...]

Embedding Customer Centricity: The Customer Experience Jigsaw Puzzle

As someone who spent 17 years working in a corporate environment, I have experienced enough metaphors and analogies to last me a lifetime. Often, the use of both come across as either patronising, irritating, or indeed both!! That being said, in reality, I am actually as guilty as using them to get a point across [...]

Customer experience does not apply to us – ‘we’re different’! Is it possible to be a genuinely ‘customer centric’ law firm?

Let me set a couple of things straight before I even start this blog post. Whilst the title suggests that I am focussing on one particular industry, the essence of what you are about to read can apply to many industries and professions all over the world. I must also make it clear that I [...]

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‘The managers promise’ – what do you commit to doing for your people?

'I promise to...' are three words commonly used in everyday life. From husband to wife (and vice versa); child to parent (often); company to customer (sometimes). Promises are broken as often as fulfilled, but they are made all the same. The intent is usually there, and that intent is a key driver of relationships. One [...]

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Restaurant, drinking house, play centre or social club – just what makes a good British pub?

In May this year, the Daily Mail reported that the number of pubs closing on a weekly basis had risen to 26. 26 closures a week!! What an astonishing statistic. At a time when you would imagine that the great British public might seek solace in a little tipple, the establishments that used to be [...]

STRATEGY – MEASUREMENT – PEOPLE: a simple framework for managing customer experience

Understanding, managing and improving the customer experience is a skill set that has led to the formation of a new profession. The proliferation of customer experience professionals has led to the creation and adoption of a variety of methods, techniques and approaches to putting the customer at the heart of the organisation. Many 'customer experience [...]

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