Waterstones – Is it right to do whatever it takes to improve the business AND the Customer Experience?

I like writing articles that pose a question in the title. When I read articles written by others who also use this technique, I am very tempted to answer the question before reading any further. If you have done just that on this occasion, what was your answer? If you answered 'yes'; or, 'of course'; [...]

Find, Win, Keep: A simple customer centric business strategy

I have been positively influenced by many people and organisations over the years - in fact I continue to be on a daily basis. As well as being a big believer in the principle of 'simplicity', I am also an advocate of 'shamelessly stealing' ideas that make sense to me. Maybe the utilisation of ideas [...]

How to Engage Customers – “Hearts, Then Charts” White Paper

Followers of my blog will know that I am keen to share others perspectives on the subject of Customer Experience when the opportunity arises. I am delighted to be able to do just that in this post. Only recently I wrote about the differences between Customer Service, Customer Experience and Customer Centricity - in the post [...]

Customer Strategy – the missing connection in Customer Experience

I am going to start this post with  a question you might find a little obvious - 'do you know what the PURPOSE of your business is?' Whilst it may be an obvious question, it is a remarkably important one. It is also a question that, from experience, I know many people find difficult to [...]

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