How Well Do You Know Your Customer? Is There Any Point Creating Customer Personas?

Customer personas; buyer personas; call them what you will – businesses (notably marketing functions within them) have been creating and using this visual and descriptive method to ‘bring customers to life’ for many years. As Customer Experience has established itself across sectors globally, Customer Personas (if I may call them that) are now a core [...]

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Carolyn McCall, CEO, Easyjet – An Example of a Courageous Customer Focused Leader

Over the last few years, I have contacted a number of CEOs of organisations I have personally interacted with. Although I do not intentionally seek out experiences that fail to meet my expectations, on the occasion where I have an experience that really ‘irks’ me in some way, I feel that it is necessary to [...]

Nice to meet you! How well do you know your colleagues?

I recently wrote an article for my column on CustomerThink entitled ‘How Well Do You Know Your Customer?’ – the premise was around the significance and necessity of creating customer personas. You can read the article here. If you do not want to read it, the conclusion to the article was that there is most [...]

Why 2016 should NOT be ‘the year of the customer’

As fireworks lit up the night sky all around the world to welcome in another new year, millions of people were already deciding to commit to resolutions for the coming twelve months. Some resolutions were related to personal health and well-being. Some were financially related. Almost all of them will signify goals or challenges that must [...]

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