WANTS and NEEDS – When it comes to customers do you really know the difference?

Last week, on more than one occasion, most of us would have heard someone saying, writing or shouting, words to the effect of ,"I just need Ryanair to get me to xxx!" Getting passengers to their chosen destination is the most basic of basic needs an airline is expected fulfil. In yet another PR disaster [...]

A (CX) Tale of Two Cafes, by Beth Richardson

In 1859 Charles Dickens wrote A Tale of Two Cities, where citizens rise up in revolution. As a teenager studying for A-levels, I spent many hours tearing my hair out trying to decipher it! This is not a tale of two cities, but rather of two cafes, and a quiet revolution where small businesses cannot [...]

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‘More than just the product’ – the evolution from product centric to customer centric

I recently read an interesting article about book stores. The very first sentence of the article stated: ‘Independent bookshops need to make readers feel special in order to compete in the internet age, say book trade experts’ You would find it hard to disagree with the statement. The number of Bookstores physically present on UK [...]

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