Making the Customer Experience Magical – The Power of Surprising and Delighting Customers!

A great deal of my work as a Customer Experience Specialist involves the recounting of stories. Contrary to popular belief, not all of the stories I tell are of the negative variety! As students of Customer Experience will attest, the use of storytelling to ‘bring to life’ the benefits and consequences of ‘operationalising’ Customer Experience [...]

Mystery Shopping Programmes – great in reality or just in theory?

I consider myself remarkably fortunate to do the things I do. One of the great pleasures of interacting with so many organisations is that I get to meet some amazing people..... some amazing leaders. Many of you will have heard or read about my Grandma - Pauline Golding. Those of you who have not, you [...]

‘Yes you can!’ – Doing the right thing for customers does not have to be difficult – it is just normal!

For the last three years, anyone who has followed my writing exploits will be fully aware that I am keen on sharing a story or two…or three…or four!! I have always believed that a good story can bring to life any theory and when it comes to the world of Customer Experience, the power of [...]

Leveraging the soft and fluffy: how important are soft skills in delivering Customer Experiences?

Yesterday I had the enormous pleasure of co-chairing the first ever Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) Members Insight Exchange to be held outside of the US. The gathering of Customer Experience Professionals (CXPs) from across Europe was as inspiring an occasion as I hoped it would be. I have always said that when you put [...]

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Pride, passion and process – three components that drive McDonald’s

The chap in the middle of this photograph - the man in yellow dressed as a member of McDonald's crew - is in fact pretending. If you have not already guessed (and have never met me), I can confirm that the 'fake' member of the McDonald's team is indeed yours truly! Last week I was offered the [...]

McDonalds and the 100 year old woman – a story of customer empathy, kindness & caring

This is Pauline Golding, pictured with her three great-grandchildren, Ciara, Caitie and Jack. On the 1st May my grandma celebrated her 100th birthday. To think that Pauline was born before the 1st World War started (just) is quite astonishing. To comprehend the experiences she has witnessed over the last 100 years is unfathomable. It is [...]

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‘Are you sure you want a big pizza?’ – How children can be a significant part of your CX strategy

This is a picture of a bunny shaped pizza. Now that is surely the most original start to any of my blog posts! How can anyone that writes about the subject of customer experience be able to use a picture of a pizza shaped like a rabbit as a source for a post? Well please allow me [...]

I’ll have free Wi-Fi with my Big Mac please! Are you giving customers a reason to keep coming back?

McDonald's are unlikely to be the only organisation that offers 'something for nothing' to all of its customers. However, McDonald's are in my opinion the only organisation to be able to offer 'something for nothing' to so many people in so many places. In the UK alone, there are now approximately 1,200 McDonald's restaurants - [...]

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