Just tell me the truth! Who are the ‘winners’ of the ‘can customers really trust’ them Olympics?

The truth - something most humans would HOPE they are surrounded by, yet in reality are rarely exposed to. From politicians; to acquaintances (and sometimes friends); to family - the majority of people in the world will regularly be either the deliverer or receiver of a white lie. Whilst it is difficult to deny that politicians are [...]

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Enterprise-Rent-a-Car: How to turn a ‘promoter’ into a ‘detractor’ in 1,2,3!

It fills me with no joy to have to write a post about companies that have delivered unacceptable Customer Experiences. It fills me with even less joy to have to do so about an organisation that I have previously admired. Regular readers of my blog know by now that I write about the good, the [...]

Common Sense – the not so magic ‘customer experience’ ingredient

Last night I stayed in a rather lovely hotel in Wimbledon. At £275 a night, you would expect the experience to be worthy of such a hefty price tag. The building, décor, facilities, public areas and bedrooms were all extremely well appointed - as you would imagine. So why am I telling you this? Having [...]

Trust – the embodiment of customer experience

Trust – a small word that means so much. It is a word that plays an enormous part in all our lives. A word that epitomises our start in life – from the minute we enter in to the world, we immediately have complete trust in the people who care for us. As we grow [...]

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‘I just want to know how many calories!’ – the need for honesty, transparency and clarity in the customer experience

Unless you have been living in a cave, you could not have avoided the recent horse meat scandal. The scandal is still raging in fact, with the focus most recently shifting to the meat that is really in our curries. One of the key words that underpins any customer experience is TRUST - something the [...]

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It’s just not cricket! The importance of understanding the ‘end to end’ customer journey

This is Edgbaston. To those of you who are not aware, Edgbaston is the home of Warwickshire County Cricket Club in Birmingham, central England. Edgbaston is also an international cricket ground, and regularly hosts England matches against other cricketing nations. Now this blog is not about specifically about the game of cricket – I would [...]

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Attitude, Passion and Pride – do your people have it?

On Friday, my family and I went on a short trip to London (I know the picture is of Chester Train station - bear with the blog and you will understand why!). An overnight stay arranged at the last minute. Now those of you with families might agree, sorting out the logistics at the last [...]

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John Lewis – are they still the best when it comes to customer experience and service?

For years, John Lewis along with Amazon and First Direct have been widely heralded as the shining examples of how to deliver excellent customer experiences. Recent benchmarking studies from Nunwood (referenced in this marketing week article - http://www.marketingweek.co.uk/the-brands-that-run-rings-around-their-rivals/3030720.article) and Temkin Group (http://experiencematters.wordpress.com/2012/01/23/report-2012-temkin-experience-ratings-uk/) back up what most of us recognise - that John Lewis are still believed to [...]

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