I have often said in the past how lucky I am to have so many people share their customer experience stories with me. Sometimes the stories are difficult to hear. Sometimes the stories are inspiring. In all cases I believe that through the use of storytelling, it is possible to bring to life the significance of the customer experience in the organisations we work and interact with.

This week I am absolutely thrilled to be able to share an inspiring story with you. On occasion I am told a story that sends a shiver down my spine – a story that instantly puts a grin on my face. This is one of those occassions. The little lady in the picture is called Lorna Hann. Lorna is the daughter of the lovely Brian Hann – an ex colleague of mine. The minute I started reading Lorna’s story at the weekend, I knew it was one that had to be shared with many. I am over the moon that Brian was happy for me to do so. I really hope you enjoy reading about it as much as I did.

Two weeks ago Lorna received a Tiana animator Disney doll for her birthday. You can see Lorna holding Tiana in the picture. Lorna has wanted it for some time and Brian bought it for her from the Disney store in Trafford Manchester. Three days later the doll was taken along on a trip. On the journey one of the shoes was lost. Lorna was devastated.

On Thursday the 4th September Brian contacted the Disney Store head office to enquire about buying a replacement shoe. The Disney employee explained to him that they would look into it. That is how it was left – like many of us making an enquiry like this, we would wait in anticipation for a response from the organisation, hopeful (more than expectant) that they may be able to do something.

On Saturday 6th September a letter arrived in the post with a Disney stamp. Brian opened it – wrapped in Disney tissue paper was a replacement pair of shoes and socks, along with a little hand written letter offering Lorna a magical day (and also some frozen stickers).

Wow! That is not what Brian expected. The Disney Store knew all along what they were going to do – they just had their own special way of doing it. What a phenomenal way of dealing with a customer enquiry!! Not only did Brian receive a postal response, he also received the following email:

Disney Store

Response via Email 06/09/2014 10:37
Dear Brian,

Thank you very much for your recent contact with us.

Magical news! Evangeline has been able to find a new pair of shoes and socks for Tiana. These have been sent to the address held on record, and these shall be arriving with your Princess soon!

If you require any further assistance, or have any further queries, please not hesitate to be in touch!

Wishing you an Enchanting day!

With kindest regards,
My Favourite Disney Character is Alice

As Brian said in his Facebook post about the experience – no charge, no hassle, just amazing customer service. This is an absolutely wonderful example of how to deliver empathetic and emotionally engaging customer experiences. Whilst there will have been a financial cost to the Disney Store for delivering this experience, the return that they will receive will be exponentially greater. Disney is a brand that is synonymous with great ‘branded customer experiences’ – this highlights exactly why.

In a world where it is difficult for companies to get the basics right, it is heart warming to read a story of a company exceeding customer expectations in such an emphatic way. I hope that this story is shared with as wide an audience as possible. The Disney Store deserve the recognition. Disney will continue to deliver magic to children and adults all over the world for many years to come – but that magic is not just through the delivery of films and fun – it is also through the magic of amazing customer experiences.

Thanks again Brian and Lorna for sharing the story.