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I have written many times about the subject of Customer Experience and the different opinions that people hold on whether it really does make a difference. Those of you who may have read some of my articles will know that whilst I will agree with as many perspectives as I may disagree, I am always fully comfortable respecting the opinions of others.

I am incredibly fortunate to come in to contact with – and be exposed to – a whole wealth of brilliant people who are constantly creating new, innovative ways of influencing organisations to focus on the customer. Recently I came across two such people from a company called MarketCulture based in Silicon Valley, USA. They, like me, believe that the foundation of sustainable future business performance is based on a strong Customer Centric Culture.

Whilst this thinking is neither new or innovative, what makes their approach to the opinion both is the fact they have developed a brand new validated tool that actually proves it. Called the Market Responsiveness Index (MRI) the tool enables a company to benchmark their level of Customer Centric Culture against more than 200 organisations worldwide.  Many of these organizations include highly customer centric companies like Amazon, Google, Virgin and Apple. Using an 8 factor framework they have been able to validate through extensive research that a strong Customer Centric Culture does indeed lead to customer advocacy, revenue growth, innovation, new product success and profitability.

By benchmarking your level of customer culture, the MRI allows you to identify and measure your cultural strengths and weaknesses and which capabilities are important to the delivery of your Customer Experience strategy.  Having listened to them talk about it and seen it in action, the MRI makes perfect sense. What the MRI does is to make Customer Culture as a foundational driver of Customer Experience much more tangible – it clears the fog and identifies specific actions to take that will make the difference. You can read all about it in their book – The Customer Culture Imperative.

the customer culture imperative

The guys at MarketCulture are about to start a world tour to train and accredit like-minded consultants as well as CX practitioners in the use of the MRI tool. This is something to look at closely if you are working in this space. I am looking forward to meeting up with them when they are in London in September.

If you would like more information then you can visit their website at or email their head of global partnerships Sean on