Apathy – whose fault is it?

My wonderful wife is the first to point out that I am not necessarily the best customer. Doing what I do for a living, I fully acknowledge that I am very conscious of the experiences I have as a customer - wherever that happens to be. Sometimes this leads to me 'harping on' about how wonderful organisations [...]

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‘We tried our best’ – is this statement ever good enough?

If you live in Britain, you cannot fail to have been gripped by Olympic fever. Even if you have not been gripped by it, you will not have been able to avoid it. Olympic coverage is almost 24 hours a day, and with the medals rolling in, most Brits are delighted to 'lap it up'. [...]

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Memories – which ones are you creating?

A few years ago I delivered a customer experience presentation to a large group of senior leaders within an organisation. The focus of the presentation was to enable them to focus on the significance of the things customers remember. In the hustle and bustle of the business environment, we often do not take the time [...]

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Customer Experience ‘what’?!

I am often asked what I do for a living. This is by no means unusual. I am sure the same happens to you on a regular basis. If I had been a doctor, or lawyer, or plumber, or electrician, or nurse, or accountant, this would be an extremely simple question to answer. In fact, [...]

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