Customer or Hostage? The unfortunate story of the UK passenger rail industry

If you happen to live in the UK and regularly have to rely on public transport to commute to and from work, the heralding of a brand spanking new year is unlikely to have filled you with much joy - from the commuting perspective that is. Travelling to and from work can rarely be described [...]

The Transparent Customer Experience: how measurement can benefit both company & customer

Honesty and transparency – two words that warm the cockles of my heart but that are not often associated with the world of business. I am writing this blog having just watched a Hollywood movie about the 2008 banking crisis – The Big Short, featuring Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt is [...]

Heart or head first? Which is more important in driving great Customer Experiences?

One of my Fathers most memorable quotes when I was a young boy was 'engage your brain before opening your mouth!' - I am unlikely to be the only adult who was given this type of advice in their youth! Talking from the heart; saying what I want to say; saying what I believe in; [...]

Heroes or Villains? Customer Experience Spotlight on the Telecoms Industry

Allow me to start this post by asking a question. Do you 'like' your Telecoms provider? It is a very simple question - it contains only 6 words - yet I believe it is a question that opens a large can of worms. Let me ask another question. Have you ever recommended your Telecoms provider [...]

Bureaucracy! Necessary evil or destroyer of employee & customer experiences?

Bureaucracy - it is all around us - wherever we look. We cannot avoid it. No-one likes it, but it is something that is as inevitable in our daily lives as sleeping and eating. So much of our lives WASTED battling bureaucracy, it often makes me wonder why on earth so much of it exists! [...]

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Just because its LEGAL, does not mean its RIGHT! The importance of openness & transparency in Customer Experience

There are many things that have bugged me for many years when it comes to Customer Experiences that I have had as a consumer. Although I recognise I may not be your average 'customer', a lot of the things that bug me, also bug others. For example, it is very common for me to be [...]

Customer Experience failure in the energy industry – exhibit 1 – British Gas

Energy companies. We all have to interact with them. It is difficult to find a consumer who likes them. In my daily dealings with friends, colleagues and clients, all too often the name of an energy business will creep in to the conversation - almost always in a negative context. Why is it that an industry [...]

They don’t really mean it! Are industry regulators helping or hindering the customer experience?

              ABTA; Ofwat; Ofcom; HSO; Ofsted; FSA; DMA; Otelo; IPCC; PCA - it sounds like a competition to list the worlds most confusing acronyms! If you have not yet worked it out, these are in fact acronyms for some of the regulatory bodies who represent and protect the consumer from organisations who provide [...]

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