Doing the right things the right way. An interview with Genevieve Bruketa-Baskovic

The launch of my first book has finally become a reality! ‘Customer What? The honest and practical guide to customer experience’ was published at the end of April 2018. I would never have been able to achieve my ambition without the support of many people. A significant amount of support came via my crowdfunding campaign [...]

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Introducing the CCXP Exam Simulator

  If you have ever met me, or indeed read anything I have written, it is extremely likely you will know that I am rather passionate about the Customer Experience (CX) Profession. In fact, anyone who comes in to contact with me via any means will almost certainly fail to avoid that fact! I make [...]

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Customer Experience 2017 Reality Check – Evolution or Revolution?

This post is part of the Customer Experience Professionals Association’s Blog Carnival celebrating customer experience. It’s part of a broader celebration of Customer Experience Day 2017. Check out posts from other bloggers at the blog carnival. And learn more about CX Day at: On the 3rd October 2017, the world will once again celebrate [...]

CCXP Exam Preparation – finally a book to help you…

Finally, a book has been written to help anyone aspiring to become a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP)! I wish I could claim the credit for such an important milestone for the fledgling, global, professional qualification..... but I cannot! Thankfully, a friend and mentee of mine, Michael Bartlett, has done the hard work for the [...]

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Inspiration, Dedication, Perspiration – welcome to the mind of the Customer Experience Professional!

  Last week I was afforded the undeniable pleasure of spending two whole days with Diane Magers, CEO of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA). A career Customer Experience (CX) Professional, Diane recently spent three years with responsibility for the 'Office of the Customer and Customer Experience Strategy' at telco giant, AT&T. One passionate CX Professional [...]

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Customer Experience Professionals: Why We Do What We Do

Ben Motteram (BM), Ian Golding (IG) and Karl Sharicz (KS) are three Customer Experience (CX) professionals living on three different continents, all members of the Customer Experience Professionals Association, (CXPA) and each possessing the passion and the tenacity to make a difference in the lives of people and businesses around the world through a disciplined approach [...]

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The importance of EARNING authority as a Customer Experience Professional

During my career as a Customer Experience Professional, my opinions, points of views and suggestions have been rebuffed on many an occasion. I have been accused of being lots of things over those years – from being ‘emotionally immature’, to ‘ignorant’, to perhaps the most humiliating of all – ‘insignificant’! At the time, the branding of me [...]

Customer Experience in the Gulf Region – Ian Golding talks CCXP with Tim Elliott of Dubai Eye

I am extremely fortunate to be able to travel the world talking to anyone who will listen about the importance and significance of Customer Experience. Last week, I was asked to talk about the subject with Tim Elliott - presenter of the Drive Time radio show for Dubai Eye in the United Arab Emirates. It [...]

I didn’t choose CX – it chose me!! Heather Grisedale explains how she became a CCXP

How do you become a Customer Experience Professional? I cannot imagine that there are young children all over the world who wake up dreaming of becoming one!! I personally wanted to be a police officer when I was a little boy - my life did not quite work out like that! I think it is [...]

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CX makes the world go around! Why customer experience is a global challenge

This article was originally written for my exclusive column on - a hugely valuable and rich resource of information, expertise and inspiration for CX Professionals. You can find the original article here. I want to start my inaugural exclusive column for MyCustomer by stating how very proud I am to call myself a customer experience [...]

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