Taking Ownership – key to the success of your approach to Customer Experience

As we head into the middle of September, as many people are reaching towards the back of their wardrobes to find their winter jumpers as are looking for their shorts and t-shirts. Whether you are revelling in the thought that summer is coming, or despairing at the reality of short days and long nights, the [...]

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Thrivers, Survivors and Nose-Divers! How to help people BELIEVE in transforming your Customer Experience?

I get to experience many wonderful things plying my trade around the world. I often have to pinch myself as a reminder that the things I am seeing, touching, hearing, and smelling are real and that they are actually happening to me! Since I became an independent Customer Experience Practitioner in 2012, I have rigorously [...]

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London Underground – the case study for business transformation

If you live or have been in London for the last two days, it will not have escaped your notice that something unusual is happening. Two trade unions who represent some London Underground staff have sparked a 48 hour strike in response to their disagreement with London Underground management over planned ticket office closures and [...]

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Restaurant, drinking house, play centre or social club – just what makes a good British pub?

In May this year, the Daily Mail reported that the number of pubs closing on a weekly basis had risen to 26. 26 closures a week!! What an astonishing statistic. At a time when you would imagine that the great British public might seek solace in a little tipple, the establishments that used to be [...]

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