CCXP Exam Preparation – finally a book to help you…

Finally, a book has been written to help anyone aspiring to become a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP)! I wish I could claim the credit for such an important milestone for the fledgling, global, professional qualification..... but I cannot! Thankfully, a friend and mentee of mine, Michael Bartlett, has done the hard work for the [...]

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Inspiration, Dedication, Perspiration – welcome to the mind of the Customer Experience Professional!

  Last week I was afforded the undeniable pleasure of spending two whole days with Diane Magers, CEO of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA). A career Customer Experience (CX) Professional, Diane recently spent three years with responsibility for the 'Office of the Customer and Customer Experience Strategy' at telco giant, AT&T. One passionate CX Professional [...]

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Customer Experience Professionals: Why We Do What We Do

Ben Motteram (BM), Ian Golding (IG) and Karl Sharicz (KS) are three Customer Experience (CX) professionals living on three different continents, all members of the Customer Experience Professionals Association, (CXPA) and each possessing the passion and the tenacity to make a difference in the lives of people and businesses around the world through a disciplined approach [...]

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The importance of EARNING authority as a Customer Experience Professional

During my career as a Customer Experience Professional, my opinions, points of views and suggestions have been rebuffed on many an occasion. I have been accused of being lots of things over those years – from being ‘emotionally immature’, to ‘ignorant’, to perhaps the most humiliating of all – ‘insignificant’! At the time, the branding of me [...]

The importance of persistence – why Customer Experience can only work if it is part of a long term business strategy

There are a number of things that comprise the characteristics of great Customer Centric leaders – courage; vision; passion; authenticity; humility; belief; are just some of them. I am sure you can think of more as well. There is no doubt that I could write about each one in turn! However, one further characteristic always [...]

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CX = V! Customer Experience is not a job… it’s a vocation!

A few days ago I published an interview I recently conducted with a company called ReachForce. The very first question they asked me was "How did you become so passionate about customer experience management?". It is a question that I do not recall ever being asked before. My response was as follows: In reality, I think [...]

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It doesn’t bother me! What would the world be like if no-one cared about Customer Experience?

Followers of my blog will know that I have traveled extensively over the last four years. In 2015 alone, I have visited 20 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia. In 2016, I am already scheduled to work in North America and the Middle East as well as continuing my efforts in Europe and Africa. In [...]

Two steps forwards, five steps back: No-one said transforming the Customer Experience is easy!

Every job has its ups and downs. Whether you are a teacher, a doctor, an accountant, a sales rep, an IT consultant or an artist, some days will be better than others. I could continue to name more professions, but the principle would be the same - as sure as night follows day, good will [...]

Opinion or Reality? Does Customer Experience really make a difference?

I am unlikely to be the first person to write an article focusing on whether or not the Customer Experience really makes a difference. I am also unlikely to be the last. On a weekly basis, Customer Experience Professionals all over the world are being challenged to demonstrate the 'tangible' value focusing on the Customer [...]

Leveraging the soft and fluffy: how important are soft skills in delivering Customer Experiences?

Yesterday I had the enormous pleasure of co-chairing the first ever Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) Members Insight Exchange to be held outside of the US. The gathering of Customer Experience Professionals (CXPs) from across Europe was as inspiring an occasion as I hoped it would be. I have always said that when you put [...]

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