Learn to walk before you start running! – do not bite off more than you can chew in your CX programme

All CX professionals have a plan. It is what defines us as passionate leaders in our field. We have multiple ideas in our minds of what we want to do and how we want to do them when we enter an organisation for the first time. Joining an organisation at the start of its CX journey is a little like putting [...]

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Can you tell what it is yet? Do your customers and employees know what your brand stands for?

Who knows how catchphrases take off? Many TV celebrities have them, and for this blog, I am shamelessly going to steal one from the great Rolf Harris (pictured) - brilliant artist and musician who hails from Australia, but has spent most of his life in the UK. For those of you who do not know Rolf, or his [...]

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‘We tried our best’ – is this statement ever good enough?

If you live in Britain, you cannot fail to have been gripped by Olympic fever. Even if you have not been gripped by it, you will not have been able to avoid it. Olympic coverage is almost 24 hours a day, and with the medals rolling in, most Brits are delighted to 'lap it up'. [...]

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Customer Experience ‘what’?!

I am often asked what I do for a living. This is by no means unusual. I am sure the same happens to you on a regular basis. If I had been a doctor, or lawyer, or plumber, or electrician, or nurse, or accountant, this would be an extremely simple question to answer. In fact, [...]

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John Lewis – are they still the best when it comes to customer experience and service?

For years, John Lewis along with Amazon and First Direct have been widely heralded as the shining examples of how to deliver excellent customer experiences. Recent benchmarking studies from Nunwood (referenced in this marketing week article - http://www.marketingweek.co.uk/the-brands-that-run-rings-around-their-rivals/3030720.article) and Temkin Group (http://experiencematters.wordpress.com/2012/01/23/report-2012-temkin-experience-ratings-uk/) back up what most of us recognise - that John Lewis are still believed to [...]

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