FANS or CUSTOMERS? Which do you need to have a sustainable business? The sad story of Leyton Orient Football Club

As a young boy growing up in London, and with a football loving father, I had the pick of a number of world famous clubs to become a fan of. Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Fulham and Queens Park Rangers are among 14 professional teams based in London, still competing in the top four divisions [...]

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What can the world of business learn from Leicester City? Why teamwork and togetherness breeds success

I must start this new post by apologising to all Leicester City fans! I really hope that writing about the undeniable success of your club this year will not jinx perhaps the greatest achievement of any sports team EVER.... anywhere in the world. However, I do not apologise for taking advantage of an achievement that [...]

Ignorance, Disbelief and Failure – lessons in how NOT to lead from the Orient – Leyton Orient!!

One year ago I wrote a blog post about leadership. It was a delight to write with great clarity about how an organisation had achieved remarkable things through strong, committed, innovative, focused and inspirational leadership. I was using this organisation as a model example of how leadership can deliver success to a business and inspire its [...]

Desire, Character & Togetherness – Lessons in leadership from the Orient – Leyton Orient!

For almost all of my 41 years I have been a proud supporter of the second oldest football team in London – Leyton Orient. I say almost all, as I am ashamed to say that for a few years at school, I could not admit to my friends that I did not support one of the [...]

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