Just tell me the truth! Who are the ‘winners’ of the ‘can customers really trust’ them Olympics?

The truth - something most humans would HOPE they are surrounded by, yet in reality are rarely exposed to. From politicians; to acquaintances (and sometimes friends); to family - the majority of people in the world will regularly be either the deliverer or receiver of a white lie. Whilst it is difficult to deny that politicians are [...]

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They don’t really mean it! Are industry regulators helping or hindering the customer experience?

              ABTA; Ofwat; Ofcom; HSO; Ofsted; FSA; DMA; Otelo; IPCC; PCA - it sounds like a competition to list the worlds most confusing acronyms! If you have not yet worked it out, these are in fact acronyms for some of the regulatory bodies who represent and protect the consumer from organisations who provide [...]

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