Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn – a review of the 2018 UK Customer Experience Awards

I have often written about the fact I feel truly blessed to be able to practice my vocation on a daily basis. I am afforded the opportunity to see and experience so many different things, in so many different places. Whilst it is exhausting, I will never take for granted the opportunity this gives me [...]

What does it really mean to be a Customer Experience Professional?

This post is part of the Customer Experience Professionals Association’s Blog Carnival celebrating customer experience. It’s part of a broader celebration of Customer Experience Day 2017. Check out posts from other bloggers at the blog carnival. And learn more about CX Day at: Last week I had the honour of being a judge at [...]

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How Getting Recognition and Building Authority Can Advance Your Customer-Centric Culture 

When I first conceived the idea for the article I wrote in my exclusive CustomerThink column in October 2016, I did not think I would be able to continue writing about the subject matter, seven months later! My seven ‘tips’ that will enable any organisation to become genuinely customer centric, have allowed me to share [...]

The importance of EARNING authority as a Customer Experience Professional

During my career as a Customer Experience Professional, my opinions, points of views and suggestions have been rebuffed on many an occasion. I have been accused of being lots of things over those years – from being ‘emotionally immature’, to ‘ignorant’, to perhaps the most humiliating of all – ‘insignificant’! At the time, the branding of me [...]

The importance of persistence – why Customer Experience can only work if it is part of a long term business strategy

There are a number of things that comprise the characteristics of great Customer Centric leaders – courage; vision; passion; authenticity; humility; belief; are just some of them. I am sure you can think of more as well. There is no doubt that I could write about each one in turn! However, one further characteristic always [...]

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I’m like parsley – I get everywhere!’ – Stories that amazed and inspired me at the 2015 UK Customer Experience Awards!

The month of September comes around every year. The kids go back to school. Millions go back to work after the summer holiday. Autumn starts to knock on the door. Christmas decorations are prominently displayed in stores all across the land. September is a month that signals change - some embrace it, while others despair [...]

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Customers + Employees = People. People = Business. Why Business is all about People

If you have ever heard me speak in public, it is very likely you will have endured hearing me recount my favourite quote of all time. I know that 'quotes of the day' are not everyone's bag, but sometimes you hear someone say something or are referred to something someone in authority has said and [...]

Belief, Growth and Sustainability – my perspective on the 2014 UK Customer Experience Awards

If you follow me on Twitter, it would not have escaped your notice that last week played host to the 2014 UK Customer Experience Awards. It is an event that has firmly established itself in the annual 'do not miss it' calendar! I am proud to say that I have been involved with the awards every year [...]

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‘Serve every customer as if they are members of your own family’. The story of the UK Customer Experience Awards 2013

What do Lebara Mobile, Virgin Media, Clarks Shoes, Scottish Water, Cornish Mutual, NHS Blood & Transplant, Sky, Avios Group and Barclays Bank have in common? If you have not already guessed, they were all named as finalists at the 2013 UK Customer Experience Awards. On the 17th October 2013, 73 judges, 135 finalists, and over 700 guests [...]

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Customer Service or Customer Experience? What exactly does customer experience mean?

I am not the first, and will certainly not be the last professional person to work in and around the 'customer experience' field. There are thousands of customer experience professionals all around the world, and our number is growing at a very steady rate - something the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA - is delighted to [...]

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