You cannot be serious! – Why CX professionals must never give up

What do the phrases 'you cannot be serious!'; 'pushing water uphill'; and 'banging my head against a brick wall' have in common? They are all phrases very likely to have been uttered by every CX professional ......on more than one occasion. The famous tennis player, John McEnroe, would often allow his passion for his trade [...]

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Customer Experience ‘what’?!

I am often asked what I do for a living. This is by no means unusual. I am sure the same happens to you on a regular basis. If I had been a doctor, or lawyer, or plumber, or electrician, or nurse, or accountant, this would be an extremely simple question to answer. In fact, [...]

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Are Barclays looking for the ‘right’ CX professional?

I recently received an automated LinkedIn email advertising a new role at Barclays - Customer Experience Design Director . On receiving and then reading the job description, three thoughts crossed my mind: 1. It is both encouraging and exciting to see that an organisation the size of Barclays has recognised the importance of Customer Experience and the [...]

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