How did he do that!!! – Great experiences come in all shapes and sizes!

This handsome young man is called Daniel Rhodes. Last weekend at my wife Naomi's 40th birthday celebrations, Dan (as he prefers to be called) literally wowed everyone he met. At 9 years old, there is no doubting that he has a huge talent. There is no doubting that he will become extremely well-known (hopefully). But what [...]

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‘Why would customers shop with us?’ – the question HMV should have asked!!

It gives me absolutely no pleasure to write a blog about an organisation that is in significant financial difficulty. It is at times like this that our thoughts should be with the employees that may not have employment for much longer, and the suppliers, some of whom run small companies, that will potentially be out [...]

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Who cares about ethics – Starbucks do now!! Never underestimate the power of consumer opinion

Unless you are living in a cave (or somewhere outside the UK), you will have noticed that a number of extremely well-known brands are getting a little bit of exposure at the moment. Google, Amazon and Starbucks are three multi national giants who have been 'highlighted' as not having paid 'enough' Corporation Tax in the UK. This [...]

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I’m not paying to park! Why the British high street might be struggling

I woke up this morning to see and hear reports about the continuing demise of the British high street. According to the media, up to 30 high street chain stores are closing on a daily basis. These stores are being replaced by pawnbrokers, bookmakers and charity shops. Here is one perspective from the Independent newspaper [...]

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John Lewis – are they still the best when it comes to customer experience and service?

For years, John Lewis along with Amazon and First Direct have been widely heralded as the shining examples of how to deliver excellent customer experiences. Recent benchmarking studies from Nunwood (referenced in this marketing week article - and Temkin Group ( back up what most of us recognise - that John Lewis are still believed to [...]

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