Why would you recommend Virgin Trains? Why NPS should not be the default question to measure all customer experiences

Virgin Trains - why would you recommend them to anyone when there is no other option? I am very fortunate to work with and alongside some exceptional Customer Experience Professionals. As a specialist in the profession myself, the ability to continually learn from my peers enables my own development. Whilst I love writing [...]

Excuses, excuses – why justifying and defending are customer experience cardinal sins!

Regular readers of my blog know that I often write about experiences of my own. I am a huge believer in using story telling as a way of bringing to life the principles of customer experience. Stories help explain what the theory really means, and are an extremely effective way of educating and influencing friends, colleagues [...]

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Facebook is not even 10 years old! How technology and innovation is influencing the customer experience

My eldest daughter Ciara is 10. When she came into the world, Facebook did not exist. It was still just an innovative idea being developed in the mind of its founder, Mark Zuckerberg. A little over three years ago, the iPad did not exist. First launched in April 2010, it is hard to remember what life was like without [...]

‘What do you mean they’re dead?!’ Why communication is such a critical part of the customer experience

I am guessing (and hoping) that this image of a Virgin Media statement is not new to you. If it is, let me just clarify. This is a genuine statement that was sent to Jim Boyden's father in law. If you have not spotted it yet, Jim Boyden's father in law is regrettably no longer [...]

‘Got a problem? Get Tweeting!’ – the story of a fresh cream eclair without the cream!!

I am sure that the first thing that captured your attention when you saw this picture was my beautiful, almost 10-year-old, daughter Ciara. The second thing you will have noticed is the 'choux' pastry she is holding in front other face. Ciara is holding up the remains of a fresh cream chocolate éclair from Waitrose. Can you [...]

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‘I cannot get in, its snowing too hard’ – ‘I could have worked from home though’

January 2013 is rapidly becoming like December 2010. Many of you based in the UK reading this will have very clear recollections of what happened just over two years ago - the kids may have loved it, but for many businesses, it was not pretty! As I look out of my window watching the snow [...]

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Woah there tiger!! Beware what and how you react to social media

The benefits of social media in the business world have been a hot topic of conversation for a few years now. Many businesses have started to adopt 'social media strategies', and are using the likes of Facebook and Twitter for marketing and customer service among other things. It is true to say that social media [...]

KILLING EMAIL – Are organisations right to want to eliminate email as a customer communication channel?

I attended a meeting recently where a senior director of a large organisation (who shall remain nameless) confidently made the following statement: ‘we are going to KILL email as a customer communication channel’ Strong words aimed at a group of executives from the world of customer service. Not a particularly customer centric statement either. However, [...]

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